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Ohio city takes measures to recoup back taxes from residents

Ohio residents may be delinquent on paying taxes for a number of reasons. Residents of the Ohio city of Pickerington who are accused of being delinquent on paying city taxes, may soon have their state tax refunds garnished.

In response to decreased income tax collections, the Pickerington city council recently approved an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General's office to collect back taxes. Under the proposed agreement, city officials would be allowed to garnish state tax refunds of residents who owe back taxes to the city. In addition to alleged back taxes owed, the city would also use state tax return monies to recoup a 10 percent collection fee.

Many within the community are opposed to the proposed agreement which must now be approved by the full city council before it can go into effect. Due to a depressed housing market and local economy, city tax collections have fallen nearly 20 percent. If the agreement is approved, individual tax payers who are believed to owe back taxes of three or more years will be the first to be impacted.

Individuals who face action by the Internal Revenue Service related to charges stemming from back taxes or delinquent taxes would be wise to seek the advice of a tax attorney. Criminal charges stemming from tax debt and failing to pay taxes can be serious and result in hefty fines as well as time behind bars. In many cases, a legal professional can help individuals who are delinquent in paying taxes work out a manageable solution to often financially burdensome and complex tax problems.

Source: Pickerington Times-Sun, "City seeks state help in collecting overdue taxes," Michael Hayes, March 20, 2013

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