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Reality stars face criminal charges related to tax fraud

Whether you love or loathe them, many Ohio residents are likely familiar with the Bravo Television Network series "Real Housewives". The reality series follows and chronicles the lives of well-off women from cities and states accross the United States. One the most successful and lucrative seasons for the series focus on a group of Italian women from New Jersey.

How business owners should proceed when facing an IRS audit

We've provided advice in previous blog posts related to how to avoid tax trouble and a potential IRS audit. Sometimes, however, despite best efforts to abide by tax laws and keep accurate financial records, a business owner receives notice that he or she is being audited by the IRS.

The serious implications of tax crimes

The U.S. government requires that working U.S. citizens pay taxes on earned income. While it's illegal to avoid paying taxes or fail to report all earned income, millions of Americans make mistakes when figuring out how much they owe Uncle Sam. There is, however, a difference between making a simple or honest mistake and knowingly evading paying taxes.

Know the IRS tax rules when mixing business with pleasure

Owning, running and managing a business can be hard work and at times stressful. It's no wonder then, that many Ohio small business owners enjoy escaping their everyday lives and responsibilities and jetting off to exotic, or at least semi-exotic, locations.

Pizza chain executives accused of underpaying federal taxes

Happy's Pizza has locations in multiple states, including some franchises in Ohio. The restaurant chain isn't making news for further expansion or some other business development; rather, a number of individuals connected to Happy's are facing tax charges for underreporting income and payroll figures.

Major life events often yield tax considerations

Major life events such as loosing a job or retiring often force individuals to reflect upon many matters. Such life-changing events often provide for a time of reflection and can bring about a major shift in how an individual chooses to life their life. While considerations related to finances, living arrangements and dependants may top the list; few individuals facing these situations think about the tax implications and impact.

Ohio man convicted of filing false tax returns

We've preivously in this blog discussed the importance of filing tax returns in a timely manner. Of equal importance, however, is that those tax returns filed be accurate. An Ohio man was recently arrested and convicted on two counts of filing false tax returns for the tax years 2006 and 2007.

Tax matters to consider when starting a business

When making the decision to start a business, the majority of small business owners are most concerned about financing options and turning a profit. When starting out, small business owners likely have a long laundry list of considerations, chief among these should be both federal and state tax obligations.

Former politician's tax evasion convictions upheld after appeal

It's no secret that the federal government takes the concept of tax evasion very seriously. Even if someone evades taxes but thinks they may pay back the money at some later -- if unspecified -- date, the government doesn't often look at this as an acceptable solution. This may have been what a former Cook County, Illinois, commissioner thought might happen with his situation, but he was convicted of tax evasion nonetheless.

Tax deductions often not among perks of telecommuting

In years past, American workers were required to physically be at an office at least eight hours per work day. Today, technology has enabled many workers to work from anywhere and a growing number are choosing to work from home and telecommute. Along with the perks of having no commute and being able to work in your pajamas, working from home does have some drawbacks and can even potentially result in tax problems.