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Does the IRS target small businesses for audits, criminal cases?

There are many small-business owners in Ohio who have worked very hard to build and maintain a successful company. But running a business can come with a huge number of challenges and expectations that go far beyond having a good product or idea. There are employment requirements, insurance payments and tax laws that must be considered, and this can all be quite complicated. So it is not unreasonable to assume that some small business owners make some mistakes when they are starting or growing a business because they are unsure of what to do or try to make the most money they can.

Milkshake singer gets unwanted attention from IRS

Kelis Rogers is perhaps best known for her hit song Milkshake. Born in Harlem, the R&B artist recently when through a very public and contentious divorce and child custody battle with her ex-husband, rap artist Nas. While it's been years since Kelis enjoyed major success as an R&B artist, she's currently making headlines for a very different reason.

Beanie Babies creator faces tax evasion charges

Many Ohio residents likely remember the popularity of and frenzy that surrounded the tiny bean-stuffed animals known as Beanie Babies. The toy's creator, H. Ty Warner began making Beanie Babies in 1993 and had amassed a multi-million dollar fortune by the early 2000s.

How small business owners can avoid an IRS audit

Any attention garnered from the Internal Revenue Service is typically unwanted. This is especially true when a small business owner relieves notice that they are being targeted for an IRS audit. We've previously discussed how best to proceed when facing an IRS audit and dealing with an IRS auditor. This blog post provides advice for small business owners on how to avoid being audited in the first place.

Woman enters not guilty plea in tax crimes case

A 55-year-old health care executive was recently indicted on charges related to filing false tax returns. The successful business woman and one-time U.S. Senate candidate pled not guilty to two criminal charges related to tax fraud and tax evasion. The charges against the woman stem from allegations that she failed to report an estimated $500,000 in income for the tax years 2007 and 2008. 

Fee increase for tax relief programs proposed by IRS

Filing an income tax return before that annual April deadline is most often neither fun nor easy for taxpayers. The Federal Tax Code is not exactly a clear set of statutes, and this complexity can lead to an audit or notice from the Internal Revenue Service. In other cases, an individual may simply lack the funds to pay a tax liability.

Why tax crimes are often difficult to prosecute

For individuals facing criminal charges related to tax crimes, the burden of proving those crimes is often a difficult and arduous task for prosecutors. This point is illustrated by a recent case involving a doctor who is accused of failing to pay roughly $1.3 million in federal income taxes.

Fat Joe most recent celebrity to feel wrath of IRS

We've previously chronicled the tax-related woes of musicians and artists in this blog. Yet another celebrity recently lost the battle with the Internal Revenue Service, as the 42-year-old singer and rap artist known as Fat Joe was indicted on charges related to tax evasion and sentenced to serve four months in federal prison.