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Fat Joe most recent celebrity to feel wrath of IRS

We've previously chronicled the tax-related woes of musicians and artists in this blog. Yet another celebrity recently lost the battle with the Internal Revenue Service, as the 42-year-old singer and rap artist known as Fat Joe was indicted on charges related to tax evasion and sentenced to serve four months in federal prison.

The rap artist, whose real name is Joseph Cartagena, will be serving the prison sentence after pleading guilty to charges that he failed to pay taxes on income he earned during 2007 and 2008. According to court documents, the artist owes taxes in the amount of more than $1 million dollars.

While Cartagena grew up in poverty and was exposed to criminal activity at a young age, his efforts to better his life and that of his family are often noted. He regularly speaks to students about the importance of staying healthy and prides himself on being a positive role model. Sadly, Cartagena's failure to pay taxes on earned income has now earned him a bed at a federal prison which will be his home for the next four months.

In many cases, tax crimes such as tax evasion result when individuals receive poor financial advice or fail to take notice of or action related to tax matters. Regardless of wealth or status, any individual earning an income is required by law to pay taxes on those monies earned. Failure to pay income taxes can result in hefty fines and time behind bars.

To help provide for the best possible legal outcome, Ohio residents who are facing criminal charges related to tax crimes would be wise to consult with an attorney. An attorney who has experience handling and defending against criminal tax charges can provide advice and guidance to help minimize potential penalties and fines.


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