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Despite shutdown, taxpayers must file by Oct. 15 deadline

Ohio residents are currently being inundated with news reports and stories related to the current federal government shutdown. As federal offices are either shut down completely or operating with bare bones staff, U.S. taxpayers are growing increasingly impatient and intolerant of Washington politics and political posturing.

The Oct. 15 tax deadline is quickly approaching for those taxpayers who applied for a six month extension to file their 2012 taxes. While federal offices, including the Internal Revenue Service, are closed officials are continuing to collect taxpayer's money.

IRS officials warn that it's business as usual and that taxpayers are still required to file and pay their taxes either online or via an automated telephone application. Despite the fact that IRS officials are enforcing the Oct. 15 tax deadline, offices are not currently staffed and IRS employees are not available to answer questions.

For those taxpayers who have questions related to the amount they owe or what deductions they are allowed to take, the government shutdown may have unforeseen consequences and result in honest mistakes being made to important tax forms. Taxpayers who subsequently face criminal charges related to tax evasion or tax fraud would be wise to seek the advice and assistance of a legal tax professional.

In many cases, criminal charges related to tax crimes such as tax evasion or tax fraud result when an individual taxpayer or small business owner error when filing tax documents. It stands to reason that the government shutdown and impending Oct. 15 tax deadline may result in more taxpayers making simple and honest errors that may impact their tax forms.

Source: Forbes, "IRS Shutdown? October 15th Deadline Remains In Effect," Charles Rettig, Oct. 8, 2013

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