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Tax evasion case finds its way to federal court

Tax evasion is a serious crime, and if the IRS is trying to pursue you for it, you may want to seek legal help in Cleveland, Ohio. Tax evasion could be suspected even if you just forget to file your taxes, which is why it's so important to do so every year. If you're interested in tax news, you might have heard about the former Bell city manager who has had to appear in federal court due to a tax-evasion case.

According to the news from Dec. 23, the man has now pleaded no contest to close to 70 state public corruption charges. However, he's still taking as many legal steps as possible to reduce the amount of time he'll spend in prison. The man allegedly acknowledged that he had committed crimes of corruption against the people in Bell, but his attorney has reported that the former city manager has also admitted to the federal charges of cheating on his taxes.

So far, the man has pleaded guilty to 69 state charges, and he is allegedly returning to court to plead guilty to two federal charges in January, 2014. He has allegedly admitted to over $600,000 in fraudulent deductions due to claiming a property as a rental property when it wasn't.

In this case, the one-time city manager has pleaded guilty, but you may not be. If you are having trouble with the IRS, you may want to discuss your options with a tax attorney who can help protect your rights during this difficult time.

Source: KABC, "Rizzo in court in tax-evasion plea agreement" Miriam Hernandez, Dec. 23, 2013

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