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New Jersey reality stars headed to prison

Bravo's "Real Housewives" reality series has proven to be very lucrative for the network as the series has several casts in numerous cities and states. The New Jersey edition of the Housewives series has undoubtedly been one of the most conflict-ridden and therefore lucrative for the network.

Government report recommends changes to IRS' W-2 verification practices

Ohio residents who have filed an income tax refund, likely recall including information from and a copy of one or more W-2 forms. A W-2 is issued by an individual's employer and includes information related to an individual's gross income earnings and tax deductions. This information is crucial in determining how much a taxpayer owes in taxes. Likewise, W-2 information is also needed to assess whether a taxpayer is eligible to receive an IRS tax refund.

The IRS's Criminal Investigations unit was busy in 2013

The federal government is not forgiving of individuals or businesses it believes have committed tax crimes or are attempting to avoid paying taxes. All U.S. businesses and citizens, as well as some non-U.S. businesses and citizens, are required to pay taxes on all earned income. In cases where the IRS suspects an individual or business is engaging in activities related to tax evasion, money-laundering or tax fraud; a special division of the IRS known as the Criminal Investigations unit becomes involved.

Efforts of IRS to pursue tax crimes hampered by budget cuts

Washington politics are at the center of major budgetary cuts at the Internal Revenue Service that may severely hamper the agency's ability to investigate and prosecute criminal tax cases. Like most federal offices, the IRS relies upon highly skilled professionals when seeking to bring criminal charges against individuals and corporations related to tax crimes like tax evasion, tax fraud and money laundering.

When dealing with independent tax preparers, taxpayers should be wary

Each tax season, millions of Americans rely upon tax professionals to prepare and file tax-related documents. While many tax preparers are employed by reputable and well-known companies, many others are independent and self-employed and, therefore, subject to little to no oversight.

In IRS criminal tax cases, the burden of proof is on the government

We talk a lot in this blog about the complexities of U.S. tax codes and how confusion surrounding their meaning and interpretation can spell trouble for a taxpayer. There are also, however, other cases where individuals intentionally sets out to deceive or profit from the IRS. In these types of cases, the burden of proof is on the government to provide evidence that an individual knowingly and intentionally took action to deceive the IRS and personally profit.

IRS criminal charges are serious and carry hefty penalties

They say there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. While the first remains largely an unknown, many Americans have had far too much experience with the later. Tax codes, rules and regulations are notoriously complex and confusing. It's no wonder then that many people make mistakes when it comes to taxes.

Key advice when dealing with taxes and the IRS

Aside from the fact that the word is pretty much synonymous with paying money, taxes are dreaded for another major reason; namely the fact that tax codes are convoluted and extremely confusing. Anyone who's ever attempted to prepare and file their own taxes can likely attest to experiencing some level of frustration and bewilderment. Given the difficulty that many people encounter when it comes to understanding tax rules and restrictions, there are some things that every taxpayer should know.

Prosecution argues Ray Nagin's sentence, too lenient

On August 29, 2005, a massive storm surge caused by Hurricane Katrina caused several levees within the New Orleans area to fail. As a result, an entire major metropolitan city along with outlying regions was engulfed in water and completely devastated. In the wake of Katrina, the city's mayor Ray Nagin gained worldwide recognition and admiration as he pleaded for assistance in the rescue and evacuation of thousands of residents who failed or were unable to heed his calls for mandatory evacuation.

IRS' attempts to regulate independent tax preparers come under fire

We've previously reported about unscrupulous tax preparers who take advantage of clients and commit tax crimes. In an effort to weed out these dubious tax preparers, the Internal Revenue Service recently established a new program called the Annual Filing Season Program. The IRS contends that participation in the program is voluntary. Independent tax preparers who participate will "obtain 18 hours of continuing education," and their names will be included in the IRS' Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications, which will appear on the agency's website.