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Tips for delinquent tax filers

Every year as the April 15 deadline to file income tax returns approaches, business owners and individuals alike scramble to ensure they have the documents they need and have correctly completed related tax forms. What happens, however, if an individual simply allows the dreaded tax deadline to pass without filing a return or taking action to request a filing extension?

Are non-citizens exempt from paying U.S. taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service is the federal agency tasked with both establishing and enforcing U.S. tax laws and collecting tax-related payments. While most other countries collect taxes from citizens, the U.S. is renowned as having some of the strictest and widely enforced tax laws of any country.

What's the difference between an employee and independent contractor?

The goal of many small business owners is to grow their business and business capabilities. In many cases, business owners who are successful in achieving this goal must hire individuals to assist with a variety of business-related matters. Upon hiring someone, business owners must take steps to correctly classify a worker as either an employee or independent contractor.