Effective Defense Against Failure To File Charges

The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. help clients throughout the country who have failed to file their federal returns or pay taxes for many years. Unlike the firm's national counterparts, the lawyers provide personalized and individualized representation to find real solutions to complex tax problems.

Avoid serious trouble with the IRS for failing to file and pay taxes. Contact Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. at 800-579-0997.

Did You Fail to File Your Tax Returns?

In many cases involving tax returns not filed or past-due tax debt, the IRS wants to work things out instead of pursuing criminal action. Clients have come to Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. after failing to file in excess of 20 years. The attorneys' job is to identify specific needs to get clients back into compliance. Helping file past-due tax returns is all done in-house, without the need of contracting out such an important part of a case.

Hands-On Help From an Experienced IRS Tax Lawyer

Deciding to finally file tax returns after several years brings the desire for fast results. Preparing returns at our Chicago or Ohio office helps facilitate a faster process. The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. possess the skills in completing and filing the returns to return the client to compliance quickly.

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