The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. provide aggressive representation to businesses throughout the nation. Trouble with the IRS over employment tax problems requires hard work to find solutions that keep companies open and business operating.

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Tax Attorneys Resolving Complex Business Problems

The IRS takes failure to pay employment taxes seriously. It can seize business assets, close down operations and file criminal charges. Issues related to payroll tax disputes are much too complex and require the help of attorneys knowledgeable in tax law, IRS procedures, and effective litigation strategies.

We had been working with another law firm for two years trying to get our IRS liability sorted out... two years of frustration and getting nowhere. We left our first meeting with Mr. Fedor, feeling very hopeful and confident that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Mike Arnold worked with us every step of the way - explaining everything completely, answering all of our questions, and knowing exactly what needed to be done to resolve our tax issue. Within six months, Mr. Arnold was calling us with the great news that he had been able to work out a resolution to the issue...where we had owed the IRS over $80,000.00 - we were able to settle with them for less than $2,800.00. Being self-employed in the construction business, this was absolutely the best news we could have ever received! No drawn out payment plans, or numbers that we couldn't even ever think of re-paying. We are so thankful the we found these attorneys, who helped us get our financial life back on track.

-John & Cheryl K. , Cleveland, OH

I can finally sleep!

I am so blessed to have found Bob Fedor and Kevin Kerr. As my business began to fail, I made the fatal mistake of not cutting my losses and closing the business. Instead I desperately tried to hang on, causing me to grab for every life line I thought would get me back on track. I found myself robbing Peter to pay Paul and getting myself deeper and deeper in trouble. Sometimes when you are desperate you do irrational things.

I started to not pay my payroll taxes, thinking I could get caught up down the road. Instead, that got so out of hand the IRS and State started to show up at my door. They filed so many liens and I was in so much hot water that I honestly thought of leaving to separate myself from any problems that may affect my family. My wife, God bless her, realized I needed serious help. So, I called a good lawyer friend and he told me about Bob.

-David P., Cleveland, OH

We started doing business together in 1991 and have been through every type of tax situation imaginable. For 20 years...Robert Fedor's firm has stood by my company all the way. We have grown into the largest importer of magnesium ingot in the USA and have Robert J. Fedor, Esq., LLC to thank for the guidance on all tax issues along the way.

-Jim G., President - Florida Company

A Visit by the IRS Mandates an Experienced Payroll Tax Lawyer

Money withheld from employees should not be spent on other business expenses. What is set aside for the IRS must be sent to the IRS. Getting a visit from one or two agents is only the start of serious problems. Taking action immediately protects rights and business interests.

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