We would like to thank Robert J. Fedor and his team for solving our tax problem. With many issues happening in our lives at the time, and then to have the IRS mailing very stern letters to us, we knew quickly that this was something that we needed professional help with. When I had the initial meeting with Mr. Fedor, I was beside myself, and I did not know what to do. Mr. Fedor made me feel at ease and explained the process to me. I soon knew that we had a true professional in our corner. The next day, Associate Lawyer Michael Arnold contacted me, introduced himself, and immediately started working on our tax issue.

Michael Arnold was a godsend to us!

Michael worked diligently and through his professionalism, patience, diligence, knowledge and experience, he was able to settle at a cost of approximately 4% of what the IRS originally wanted. Michael kept us informed, explained every step to us in terms that we could understand, and was always available to us if we had any questions or concerns.

All of the good people at Robert J. Fedor were very professional and treated us with respect. We are so grateful to Robert J. Fedor and Michael Arnold. We would recommend you do not try to fix your tax problem on your own. We would highly recommend the true professionals at Robert J. Fedor.

John & Kim G.

Lorain County, OH

January 2021

I just want to express my gratitude to Fedor Tax for doing what seemed to be the impossible and for giving me hope again.

I had over $250k in Tax debt that seemed (according to my accountants) a debt that would be attached to me for the rest of my life. The interest and penalties attached to the above balance alone would have prevented me from becoming free from this devastating burden. My accountant (no fault of her own) told me that my balance had no possibility (attorney or no attorney) of being settled for less than owed. I had experienced a ton of scams and false promises prior to locating Fedor Tax and I can tell you that they are one of the only TRUE EXPERTS in this field. After talking to Robert J. Fedor, managing member of Fedor Tax, I felt certain that this was the most qualified, experienced, and skilled person that could help me. Robert is an extremely approachable person and makes you feel like there is nothing to be concerned about as long as you stick to the program and follow his lead. I am pleased to say that my $250k+ tax debt has been settled for around 5% of my balance. I cannot tell you how much professionalism and expertise Fedor Tax has displayed throughout the entire process of gathering information to negotiating a settlement. Fedor Tax is the leader in the field of Tax Settlement and the proof is in the pudding. Please use this firm for they are the REAL DEAL. Thank you Robert J. Fedor and Fedor Tax!!

Matt M.
Los Angeles, CA
October 2018

Nothing will stop your heart faster than a letter from the IRS. 

When I received a notification of a proposed increase in my 2015 tax liability in 2017 I had one of those moments.  I am grateful to Robert Fedor and Kevin Kerr for working through this issue – even though I was unable to provide a lot of documentation for some of the things the IRS wanted due to the passage of many years.

It was something of a unique situation, but Bob listened to the facts and was able to fashion a plan to address the tax issue.  It was a relief to know that I had knowledgeable professionals working on my behalf.  They kept me informed throughout the process and were always available by phone should the need arise. 

Dealing with the IRS is never a pleasant experience, but they achieved what they initially represented that they could accomplish and in the least painful manner possible. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to rectify a tax issue.  

Stephen V.
Avon, OH
April 2018 

I can finally sleep!

I am so blessed to have found Bob Fedor and Kevin Kerr. As my business began to fail, I made the fatal mistake of not cutting my losses and closing the business. Instead I desperately tried to hang on, causing me to grab for every life line I thought would get me back on track. I found myself robbing Peter to pay Paul and getting myself deeper and deeper in trouble. Sometimes when you are desperate you do irrational things.

I started to not pay my payroll taxes, thinking I could get caught up down the road. Instead, that got so out of hand the IRS and State started to show up at my door. They filed so many liens and I was in so much hot water that I honestly thought of leaving to separate myself from any problems that may affect my family. My wife, God bless her, realized I needed serious help. So, I called a good lawyer friend and he told me about Bob.

Within two hours, Bob had called me and scheduled a meeting with my wife and I for the next day. We were so scared that there was nobody that could help us. Bob sat with us for several hours going over everything and assuring us he could help. We immediately knew that we found the help we so desperately needed. Bob made sure that when we left his office that we were to let him do all the worrying and everything will be okay. Immediately all the phone calls from the IRS and State stopped coming.

Next was dealing with the business itself. Bob and Kevin were the only ones I trusted to help me. They were able to help me close it up, resolve my bank loans, and settle all my vendor debts. I owed one vendor $153,000 and he was able to settle that account for $7500. Everything was handled cleanly and professionally and I didn't have to deal with anyone anymore. If someone called, I turned it over to Kevin and he handled it. What a relief!

This is very important to note. Everyone at the office is immediately accessible. I have NEVER been given the run around. When I call, they answer. When I email, they reply. If I just need a pep talk they're there for me or my wife. Do not try and fix these problems by yourself. Get the help you need now and don't wait until you create a monster. You too can sleep again!

David P.
Cleveland, OH
May 2017

I couldn't be more thankful for Robert and his staff. Due to bad accounting, I encountered quite a large tax issue. Not only was Robert able to resolve this problem in a favorable manner, he was there every step of the way to make certain I understood what was going on. He helped my family and I rest easy during this troubling time, for which we are so grateful, as my dad was also battling cancer. Robert was just as concerned with my family as he was with resolving this issue. I would recommend Robert and his staff to anyone who is going through a tax problem.

Kelly S. 
Seattle, WA 
July 2016

I would like to thank Robert J. Fedor and his firm for their exceptional effort in handling my voluntary disclosure through the IRS's Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI). After consulting with numerous tax lawyers, I decided to hire Bob due to his experience, confidence, and his comforting manner. During my consultation with him, he clearly laid out the proper course of action, the potential penalties I may incur, and what to expect during the lengthy process. I am extremely pleased to say that Bob successfully navigated me through the OVDI process without having to pay any penalties! I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs IRS representation.

Alan N. 
Chicago, IL 
March 2014

We had been working with another law firm for two years trying to get our IRS liability sorted out... two years of frustration and getting nowhere. We left our first meeting with Mr. Fedor, feeling very hopeful and confident that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Mike Arnold worked with us every step of the way - explaining everything completely, answering all of our questions, and knowing exactly what needed to be done to resolve our tax issue. Within six months, Mr. Arnold was calling us with the great news that he had been able to work out a resolution to the issue...where we had owed the IRS over $80,000.00 - we were able to settle with them for less than $2,800.00. Being self-employed in the construction business, this was absolutely the best news we could have ever received! No drawn out payment plans, or numbers that we couldn't even ever think of re-paying. We are so thankful the we found these attorneys, who helped us get our financial life back on track.

John & Cheryl K. 
Cleveland, OH 
January, 2014

We had an amazing experience working with Robert J. Fedor's office. Jennifer was very knowledgeable, thorough, informative and took charge. Our taxes were reviewed and evaluated prior to performing the work and the results exceeded our expectations. The team is professional, always available for our questions, and saved our company many thousands of dollars. I am pleased to share my experience.

James A. 
Kilauea, HI  
August, 2012
Business Owner

With great pleasure I want to personally thank Jennifer A. MacDowell and Robert J. Fedor for their outstanding efforts in the way they handled our offer in compromise (OIC) with the IRS. I paid 5% of what the IRS wanted us to pay; that's quite some savings. I always knew that they were on top of things; answering my questions, staying in touch as things moved along. And the staff was always very pleasant, personable and helpful. Again, my personal thank you to the team at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., LLC. Thank you very much.

Adrian T. 
Chicago, IL  
Business Owner

I am a self employed electrician struggling to make ends meet. My wife and I found ourselves behind in payments to the IRS, maximizing our credit cards to make our tax payments. Being still three years behind and praying for an answer we heard Robert Fedor on the radio talking about financial and tax matters. I got the phone number of the law firm and called first thing on Monday. Mr. Fedor responded that day, taking on our case and began cutting through our credit card debt and put together a plan with the IRS that allowed us to pay currently, while Mr. Fedor worked on our IRS debt of $68,000. We are happy to say today that Mr. Fedor worked to remove the lien off of our home and cancelled the entire IRS debt of $68,000. We paid nothing. We are ever so grateful to Robert Fedor and his professional law firm. Thanks again for giving us a second chance.

Tom & Laura S. 
Cleveland, OH 
April 2011
Business Owner

Robert and his staff are fantastic. I came to them with a significant tax issue and they have worked tirelessly on my behalf. They are very professional and make me feel that I am surrounded by competence.

Mike Z. 
Cleveland, OH 
Real Estate Investor - National Business

Over the years that I have known Bob and assisted him in various business development projects, he has earned my utmost respect for his approach to his business, the legal profession, and his clients. He is staunch in his viewpoint that his business be conducted in a manner of the highest caliber of professionalism, and stands as a guardian to preserve the integrity of his entire industry. While others in the profession promise much more than they know they can deliver, Bob provides brilliant counsel to his clients and consistently delivers astonishing results. His connections within the federal, state and local networks of the various taxing authorities are second to none, as is his level of enthusiasm, energy, and dedication. I am sure that many of his former clients count him amongst their most trusted advisors and friends. His easy smile, sharp wit and confident demeanor bring comfort and reassurance to clients in what for many may be their darkest hour. With these points considered, there can be NO true competitor to Robert J. Fedor.

Jan S. 
Sagamore Hills, OH 
Business Owner - Akron, Ohio

Bob has always provided timely, expert advice when needed and helped me through some difficult situations. I highly recommend his firm.

Verne M. 
Cleveland, OH 
2005 - Present 

We started doing business together in 1991 and have been through every type of tax situation imaginable. For 20 years...Robert Fedor's firm has stood by my company all the way. We have grown into the largest importer of magnesium ingot in the USA and have Robert J. Fedor, Esq., LLC to thank for the guidance on all tax issues along the way.

Jim G. 
Cleveland, OH 
1991 - Present
President - Florida Company

I just wanted to personally thank Robert J. Fedor for providing the most compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful people that represent your company. What a reflection of you!

Mike Arnold has been working with me for the past few years. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful he is. He helped me through such difficult times, with understanding, knowledge, and most of all kindness. He is phenomenal. He gave me assurance and guidance, but most of all held my head up during such a stressful situation. He was truly a blessing from God.

Also, I need to acknowledge the sweetest and kindest face of your practice. Carolyn Yako met me on the first day with such a sweet, compassionate, kind smile. She immediately put me at ease.  

Thank you for providing such an amazing service.   You must be a very special person. I believe God gave you the vocation to help others when they think there is no hope. You provide hope. You give dignity to others when they are lost and need your help and expertise. May God always bless you. You sure were and are a gift from God. Thank you.

Judy T.

Cleveland, OH

March 2023

I would like to thank Robert J. Fedor and Michael Arnold.  Michael Arnold is great.  He helped me through the whole process, answered all my questions, and kept me up to date on all the letters I got from the IRS (those letters seemed to never stop).  I was millions of dollars in debt between tax liability, penalties, and interest and Michael Arnold got it resolved for $200,000.00 after months of negotiations, but well worth the fight.  I am now debt free and looking forward to the future.  Thank you again Michael Arnold, you saved my business and me.  Robert Fedor is the only tax firm that anyone should go with, you would not believe all of the tax places that called me and said they could help me.  Do not believe them, call Robert J Fedor and get the results you are looking for.

Chris I.
July 2021

If you feel like there is no hope in resolving your tax debt and it seems insurmountable, you need to speak to the tax attorneys at Robert J. Fedor Esq., LLC.

There are many companies and so-called tax experts that promise to help you with your tax burdens but beware that very few can actually deliver results.

Robert J. Fedor Esq., LLC is different. Their experts know how to get results, give you a fresh start, and allow you to get your financial freedom back. Bob and, associate attorney, Alexander Messina were able to significantly reduce my tax debt and give me a fresh start. As my advocates, they simplified the complicated process of dealing with the IRS and took the guesswork out of the equation.

Please don’t hire anyone until you talk to the tax attorneys at Robert J. Fedor Esq., LLC. You will see firsthand, as I did, that they truly know what they are doing and make the process as painless and as seamless as possible. Their experienced attorneys know how to deal with the IRS and know how to get you the outcome you desire.

Damian P.
Cleveland, OH
November 2020

I want to take this opportunity to thank the tax attorney firm of Robert J. Fedor. Upon meeting Bob, our huge tax troubles seemed to actually be surmountable. He has been so genuine and comforting. But most of all, he and his associate attorney Dylan Friedman are simply brilliant! In fact, everyone at this firm is very kind and considerate.

My husband had made some mistakes within the past few years, and we thought there was no way to redeem ourselves. But, again, Bob and his firm have led us in the right direction, and we are ever so grateful! To whomever has a need with a tax problem, this is your man!  There is no finer.

Harriet P.

Cleveland, OH

June 2020


Attorney Benjamin Heidinger is a FIRST CLASS PRO, period! That is hard for me to say because of horrific experiences and thousands of dollars spent with troubling results from other firms.

I read testimonials and wondered if they were accurate. But, this is my real story...

I made some bad decisions, was incarcerated, and looking at $1 million+ in tax liability. When I was released, I was extremely scared to talk with anyone because of the bad advice I had received previously. When I met with Robert Fedor and Ben Heidinger, I felt maybe these guys are for real. They can help me climb this monster mountain of taxes I owed. I will say again Ben Heidinger is a rock star. He put together a strategy that was real, to the letter of the law, and ultimately saved my life.

The final result from months of a major fight - we prevailed!!! With well over $1 million in tax debt, we settled for under $100k! This is my real story. Please call Ben Heidinger at Fedor Law.....they are the best I've seen.

Mark Z.
Sandusky, OH
April 2017

To those who know what it's like to live with an impossible tax debt, I encourage you to read this letter.

My wife carried a massive tax debt for several years. Bankruptcy clearance did nothing to alleviate this debt. When threatening letters started, we contacted Robert Fedor. To our surprise, our initial consultation was with Mr. Fedor himself. Bob listened intently to our concerns, studied the relevant forms,and almost immediately formed an initial " game plan." At this point, we had our first sigh of relief in years. We were then contacted by our case counsel, Atty Tim Earls. We could not have hoped for a better Advocate. Tim was patient, exceptionally knowledgeable, and extremely informative to two people completely ignorant of tax law.

Our final Offer in Compromise arrived and we were dumbfounded! Her final payment amounted to approx. 3.3% of the debt. I recognize that no results are typical or predictive when dealing with tax agencies. I'm just stating what the knowledge and diligence provided by Bob and Tim (and all staff) did for us. I strongly encourage anyone in our past situation to call Atty. Robert Fedor.

Terri and Steve R.
Westlake, OH
April 2017

I approached Robert J. Fedor ESQ, LLC in 2012. I had questions regarding my failure to file FBAR forms in a timely fashion. I also had some income from accounts in my home country. The attorney at the firm, Benjamin Heidinger, explained that an OVDI would be best suited in this case. The OVDI process was explained to me and the process began.

After the OVDI process; the firm was diligent in filing my new taxes. The firm had thorough knowledge of the current OVDI regulations and were able to help me in filing new tax forms. The firm worked with the IRS agents to accurately determine the OVDI penalty. The follow up with the IRS agents was done in a timely fashion. My case was closed in February of 2014. I am happy with the support that I have received from the firm and I would like to recommend the firm to my colleagues. Thank you for your help, Ben.

Sunil S. 
Indianapolis, IN 
April 2014

From day one Robert Fedor and Associate Attorney, Mike Arnold developed a road map that erased what seemed to be an insurmountable tax situation. Mike's diligence and professionalism made the long road find the right ending. There were no sweeter words I could hear when Mike notified me that my liability was wiped out and my account with the IRS was cleared. I am forever grateful to Mike and the entire staff at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., LLC

Mike M. 
Cleveland, OH 
April 2013

Robert Fedor has been of incalculable value to me from both a business and personal stand point. He simply delivers. I would unequivocally recommend that anyone who is considering using Mr. Fedor engage his services. If this were a rating system - 10 out of 10!

Fred S. 
Knoxville, TN 

My wife and I owed the IRS over $185,000 for several back tax years. We hired Robert Fedor's law firm to represent us with IRS collection matters and to settle our IRS liability. Jennifer MacDowell and Robert Fedor submitted an offer in compromise. While it took over a year to be completed after going through appeals, we saved over $100,000 with their efforts. The appeal alone saved us over $12,000, plus the period of time it gave us to save for our IRS settlement. Thank you for your outstanding efforts.

Glen C. 
Cleveland, OH 
Business Owner

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me. Frankly, the words do not do justice to how I am feeling about what you did for me. I know I do not need to talk to you about your technical proficiency. You obviously know your profession and your specialty within. However, your "bedside manner", for lack of a better phrase, is beyond outstanding! You knew what my concerns were and you walked me through the process over the past 5 years and gave me the confidence that I needed to carry on with life, knowing that you had my back! Frankly, there is no better compliment I could give a criminal (tax) attorney. I want to mention one other issue that gave me confidence in you. It is obvious to me that you are a man of faith. Although I cannot really explain why, your faith, or how I perceived your faith, really allowed me to be calm and to trust you.

Tom S. 
Columbus, OH 
April, 2011
Criminal Tax Client

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me and my wife out of a situation that quite frankly I was scared to death to be in. Because of owing a large amount to the IRS, my career was in jeopardy. I sat down with Mr. Fedor, explained where I was and how I got there. I was nervous before sitting down with him, however after our consultation, I left feeling fine and knowing that Mr. Fedor and his staff would take care of my concerns. It took some time to resolve the situation, however it is finally over. I still did have to pay the government back, but not nearly what they wanted ($60,000 reduced to $1,500). My wife's and my head are finally clear as we have no debt to the government hanging over our heads. Thank you so very, very much. I will always refer you and your staff to any and all of my friends.

John V. 
Cleveland, OH  
Insurance Agency Owner

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Robert Fedor. I have known Bob since 2004. Over the past five years our counsel and legal matters under the direction of Bob's guidance and professional knowledge have had successful outcomes. Bob is an individual of high intellect and a person of integrity. He is an excellent communicator and problem solver as well as creative. I was very impressed by his skill, and intense work ethic. His service representing DCI has been exemplary. He has our highest reference.

Dave W. 
Akron, OH 
Business Owner

What impressed me most about Robert was his concern for my situation, his ability to comfort me and my wife in our hour of distress. His follow-up was quick and professional...we feel totally confident in his firm's ability to solve our problem... His reputation in our community is respected and honorable.

Jim C. 
Willowick, OH 

Bob Fedor has represented me in a very professional manner delivering very exemplary results. I have recommended him to several friends and clients, all of whom were extremely pleased with his concern for them and his commitment to a results oriented representation. Felt comfortable and confident in Robert J. Fedor and his entire firm. They rank right at the top in the legal profession.

Jeff J. 
Cleveland, OH 
1991 - Present 
Sales Executive

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