Business owners and employers have money deducted from their employees' checks to hold in trust and send to the government. Not providing that money can raise a red flag and catch the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. Tax firms throughout the country promote their ability to settle tax debts and resolve problems. However, an experienced attorney is needed for this highly-complex legal situation.


What Is a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?

The IRS can assess significant penalties on the individuals who are responsible for not paying payroll taxes deducted from employees' paychecks. The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. have represented controllers, accountants, payroll staff members, and business owners who failed to make the necessary payroll deposits.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me. Frankly, the words do not do justice to how I am feeling about what you did for me. I know I do not need to talk to you about your technical proficiency. You obviously know your profession and your specialty within. However, your "bedside manner", for lack of a better phrase, is beyond outstanding! You knew what my concerns were and you walked me through the process over the past 5 years and gave me the confidence that I needed to carry on with life, knowing that you had my back! Frankly, there is no better compliment I could give a criminal (tax) attorney. I want to mention one other issue that gave me confidence in you. It is obvious to me that you are a man of faith. Although I cannot really explain why, your faith, or how I perceived your faith, really allowed me to be calm and to trust you.

-Tom S., Criminal Tax Client

With great pleasure I want to personally thank Jennifer A. MacDowell and Robert J. Fedor for their outstanding efforts in the way they handled our offer in compromise (OIC) with the IRS. I paid 5% of what the IRS wanted us to pay; that's quite some savings. I always knew that they were on top of things; answering my questions, staying in touch as things moved along. And the staff was always very pleasant, personable and helpful. Again, my personal thank you to the team at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., LLC. Thank you very much.

-Adrian T., Business Owner

My wife and I owed the IRS over $185,000 for several back tax years. We hired Robert Fedor's law firm to represent us with IRS collection matters and to settle our IRS liability. Jennifer MacDowell and Robert Fedor submitted an offer in compromise. While it took over a year to be completed after going through appeals, we saved over $100,000 with their efforts. The appeal alone saved us over $12,000, plus the period of time it gave us to save for our IRS settlement. Thank you for your outstanding efforts.

-Glen C., Business Owner

Trouble With the IRS? We Can Help.

The IRS employs aggressive collection of money it is owed. It may send an agent to a place of business. The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq. possess the experience and knowledge to help businesses move forward with real solutions.

Experienced Lawyers Protecting Your Business Interests

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