Consult Our Attorneys About Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

Business owners and employers have money deducted from their employees' checks to hold in trust and send to the government. Not providing that money can raise a red flag and catch the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. Tax firms throughout the country promote their ability to settle tax debts and resolve problems. However, an experienced attorney is needed for this highly-complex legal situation.

The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. dedicate themselves to finding real solutions to their clients' business tax problems.

Failure to pay the federal government out of a designated trust fun places the future of a business at risk. Contact Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. at 800-579-0997.

What Is a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?

The IRS can assess significant penalties on the individuals who are responsible for not paying payroll taxes deducted from employees' paychecks. The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. have represented controllers, accountants, payroll staff members, and business owners who failed to make the necessary payroll deposits.

Trouble With the IRS? We Can Help.

The IRS employs aggressive collection of money it is owed. It may send an agent to a place of business. The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq. possess the experience and knowledge to help businesses move forward with real solutions.

Experienced Lawyers Protecting Your Business Interests

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