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Falling behind on payroll taxes can result in serious problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Businesses are required by the IRS to make regular deposits. Falling short on that obligation may result in a visit by an IRS agent.

The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. provide aggressive representation to businesses throughout the nation. Trouble with the IRS over employment tax problems requires hard work to find solutions that keep companies open and business operating.

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Tax Attorneys Resolving Complex Business Problems

The IRS takes failure to pay employment taxes seriously. It can seize business assets, close down operations and file criminal charges. Issues related to payroll tax disputes are much too complex and require the help of attorneys knowledgeable in tax law, IRS procedures, and effective litigation strategies.

A Visit by the IRS Mandates an Experienced Payroll Tax Lawyer

Money withheld from employees should not be spent on other business expenses. What is set aside for the IRS must be sent to the IRS. Getting a visit from one or two agents is only the start of serious problems. Taking action immediately protects rights and business interests.

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