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Ohio construction contractor sentenced for tax crime

While each criminal tax matter is unique, most of them could result in a serious penalty if the accused is convicted. A man who operated a construction consulting business in Ohio was recently sentenced after being convicted of a tax crime on July 12. In addition to a 30-month prison sentence, he must now pay the IRS over $46,000 in restitution. He will also be supervised for one year following his release from prison.

According to testimony during his trial, the Canal Winchester man underreported his income on his federal tax returns by a significant amount in 2006 and 2007. He reported $51,967 in 2006 and $33,272 the following year. A representative from the IRS calculated that he failed to report approximately $299,000 in income during those two years.

At the time he filed these tax returns, he was running a construction consulting business. He partnered with landowners on development projects, bringing in investors and people who would purchase plots of land for home construction. Evidence presented in court showed that he used the money he received from this business for personal expenses such as home renovations, vacations and private schooling. According to reports, he failed to follow through on the development projects or pay back investors and home builders.

Aside from his criminal sentence, the man's entire future may now be in jeopardy. A lot is at stake when situations like this occur. Anyone in Ohio who is suspected of a tax crime may benefit from being proactive and seeking legal representation as soon as possible. This will ensure that his or her rights are protected as the defense team works on a strategy to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Source:, Local Building Contractor Sentenced For Tax Fraud, Tiya Rasheed, Nov. 18, 2013

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