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Ohio couple receives jail sentences in criminal tax matter

An Ohio couple was recently sentenced to serve time in jail after being convicted of tax evasion. The criminal tax matter related to unreported income the couple received from marijuana sales. Both the husband and wife were accused and convicted of avoiding taxes and reporting only a 10th of their earnings.

The husband, 58 years of age, was sentenced to serve two years in jail. The wife, 45 years of age, was sentenced to serve just one day in jail. Information regarding the case was released to the public by an Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigator Public Information Officer.

The husband and wife pleaded guilty to the tax fraud on Oct. 2. From 2006 to 2008, the couple is said to have claimed income of $42,894. However, tax officials estimated their income to be $443,830. Federal investigators suspect that the couple's income was derived from marijuana sales.

Detectives seized a number of items from the couple, including 180 pounds of pot, a camper, a home, guns and 10 vehicles. They also took two jet skis, hot tubs, pool tables and other items. The items were auctioned, and together with $957,000 in cash that was seized, investigating agencies took $1.3 million in assets, which they will divide amongst themselves.

The man will be forced to serve an additional sentence until 2017. His federal prison term will not begin until after the first one is finished. He and his wife are also jointly liable to the IRS for approximately $77,000 in restitution.

This case highlights the seriousness of being charged in a criminal tax matter. The potential loss of one's assets and the amount of time that one may be forced to spend in jail can be particularly severe if convicted in such a matter. Still, those accused of tax violations in Ohio do have legal options and rights available to them. The value of educating oneself on those rights prior to entering into the litigation and defense process cannot be overemphasized.

Source: The Marietta Times, Morgan County couple sentenced for tax evasion, No author, Nov. 23, 2013

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