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Insurance agent to spend four years behind bars for tax evasion

Many people wrongly assume that crimes related to falsifying tax records or failing to pay taxes will be viewed by the eyes of the law as minor white collar crimes. While much depends on the tax amount and circumstances involved, the Internal Revenue Service considers all tax crimes to be serious and, as such, frequently pursues veracious legal prosecution of those accused of crimes such as tax fraud and tax evasion.

One 51-year-old man recently learned exactly just how serious charges related to tax crimes can be when he was sentenced to spend four years in a federal prison. The criminal charges against the man stemmed from an IRS investigation which uncovered that the man had failed to claim and pay taxes on income he earned while working as an insurance broker.

In total, the IRS claimed the man owed more than $1.1 million dollars and accused the man of knowingly and intentionally lying about his income and assets to IRS agents. In response, the man's defense attorney argued the 51-year-old husband and father was overwhelmed by the tax debt he owed and unfortunately used poor judgment when he failed to owe up to and work to repay his debt.

While the defense requested the man be allowed to remain free and secure a job to repay the $729,794.00 he owes in restitution, the judge instead sentenced the man to serve four years behind bars. Upon sentencing the man, the judge admonished the 51-year-old for continuing to live lavishly even after being charged with tax evasion.

This case proves the very serious implications that can result when an individual faces criminal charges related to tax crimes. Ohio residents who are facing scrutiny by the IRS or who are concerned about possible tax problems would be wise to consult with a criminal defense attorney. In many cases, an attorney can provide advice and guidance that can positively impact the outcome of an IRS investigation and criminal case.

Source: Independent Record, "Helena man gest 4 years for $1M tax evasion," Eve Byron, Dec. 4, 2013

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