IRS Offers Tips for Filing 2022 Income Tax Returns

income tax returnsTax season is underway and the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) is offering handy hints to avoid tax fraud or a fraudulent tax return, and how to get your refund as quickly as possible.


Our attorneys work with taxpayers, organizations, and corporations to increase compliance and provide strong criminal tax defense if the IRS pushes allegations. Tax time is a big moment for tax crime in any year. We have already offered some tips for the season and the IRS would like to offer some more. 


It is well known that the IRS continues to be backlogged from last year. As a result, the IRS is driving the message to consumers to file electronically and use resources on the IRS website before you call the IRS. Because the IRS operates under budget and is understaffed, high call volumes mean the chances of you getting through to a representative are not great.  


With that in mind, consider these tips and resources from the IRS to ease tax preparation and speed any return that you may be due:

  • Choose your tax preparer carefully: The IRS routinely pursues consumers and tax preparers who file false income tax returns. When you choose someone to prepare taxes for your business or your individual return, you are trusting that individual or company with vital information that can be used for identify theft or to file a false return. The IRS provides information to consumers looking for a tax preparer, and to tax preparers working to provide those business and individual returns. 
  • You may qualify for IRS Free File: The IRS Free File resource lets you prepare and file your federal taxes without charge. The program is free to filers with an adjusted gross income of $73,000 or less. The service pairs you with an online tax preparation company after you initiate your return on the website. You are guided through the preparation of your return on fillable forms that handle the math. The program is offered through the Free File Alliance, which is a non-profit public-private partnership.
  • No more biometric profiling: The IRS had plans to move towards facial recognition technology as the only method by which taxpayers could access their IRS files by mid-year 2022. The U.S. government is already requiring some users, such as those receiving unemployment insurance or assistance monies, to work through a third-party company, Concern from legislators and consumers has caused the IRS to rethink its strategy. In a recent press release, the IRS notes it will “transition away from using a third-party service for facial recognition to help authenticate people creating new online accounts. The transition will occur over the coming weeks in order to prevent larger disruptions to taxpayers during filing season.”


When you need help with your taxes, call on a reputable tax preparer. If your tax return attracts the attention of the IRS, speak with a seasoned criminal defense tax lawyer.


Reach out to our firm if you are challenged with a tax controversy.

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