Worried About a Criminal Tax Audit?

IRS criminal investigationTax fraud is easy to commit and less easy to remedy once a criminal tax investigation has been initiated. Are you concerned about attracting the interest of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?


Strapped by budget cuts, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CI) prosecutes fewer cases than in years past. Yet, the cases that are prosecuted frequently end in plea deals and conviction. At present, just a few of the focus areas of CI include:

  • Tax preparer fraud: Fraudulent tax returns create financial windfalls for tax preparers, but not their unwitting victims.
  • Tax schemes: Abuse of foreign or domestic tax regulations, and use of opaque offshore tax entities are not uncommon. Are your FBARs accurate and up to date?
  • Corporate fraud: The IRS is always interested in false tax returns filed by corporate or individual taxpayers.
  • Employment tax disputes: There are many schemes by which business owners tap into payroll taxes for personal gain.
  • Money laundering: Money quietly and secretly flowing around the world to shed tax obligations is a prime focus of the IRS.


We work regularly to help individuals and businesses engaged in questionable tax practices, or who have been involved in criminal tax activity for period of years. Many times, these clients contact us before criminal tax charges have been filed. This is the best possible time to seek legal counsel. If you have concerns, it is important to pay attention to that nagging feeling that something is about to go wrong. Potential triggers for IRS attention include:

  • Involvement in a financial arrangement that has resulted in an investigation of your associates. By proximity, you are likely on the same list.
  • As odd as it sounds, the IRS often acts on tips from the public about taxpayers involved in scams or complex tax schemes.
  • An IRS civil tax audit can reveal information that could lead to a criminal tax charge.
  • The IRS uses algorithms trained for digital detection of tax crime on tax returns and other compliance documents.


If you are engaged in a fraudulent tax scheme, payroll tax dodge, or other action, there will come a time when you are looking for an exit. It may have started simply, but it is not likely to end that way. Tax attorneys experienced with criminal defense routinely work with the IRS on behalf of clients who could be looking at prison sentences and serious fines. If you suspect you are under investigation, or if you know there is reason you could be, a skilled tax lawyer can develop and deploy strategies to protect your liberty and reputation.


Facing an allegation of criminal tax fraud? Our tax lawyers can help

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