Bill Collectors to Help IRS Gather Back Taxes

back taxesBill collectors to help IRS gather back taxes The phone rings. On the other end, someone from a bill collection agency says you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Those who are aware of today's many sophisticated identity-theft scams might well hang up.

However, the IRS says the calls could be legitimate. The federal agency is likely to turn to private bill collectors to help it gather up back taxes, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer reports.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says that in some situations, it will use private debt collection agencies to bolster its own efforts. While the agency has in the past had the option to use private collection agencies, it is now required to do so in certain circumstances.

The Plain Dealer reports that one of those sets of circumstances is when the IRS can’t find the person. Another such circumstance: when someone owes money but has had no contact with the agency for more than a year.

How can you tell if the person calling you about back taxes is a legitimate bill collector? The IRS says legitimate bill collectors won’t ask for your credit card information over the phone and best of all, perhaps, they will not threaten you with arrest.

Of course, the reality is that for some people who do not pay back taxes, arrest will still be a possibility. Those who fail to file tax returns, fail to report income or fail to pay taxes can be subject to arrest.

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