IRS Introduces Online Capability to Respond to Certain Tax Notices

submit tax returnIn a move that could help half a million taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced new options for electronically filing certain tax documents.


The IRS has been taking steps, including new tech and additional customer service personnel, to improve service and reduce the backlog. Besides reducing its backlog of paper tax documents and returns from last tax season, the IRS has enabled taxpayers to upload correspondence in response to several common tax forms, including the following:

  • Premium tax credits
  • Child tax credits
  • Combat zone benefits
  • Earned income tax credits


The new capability is important because it provides taxpayers with an easier, faster way to exchange correspondence with the IRS. Taking the paper out of the process is key to the modernization of IRS processes. As Acting IRS Commissioner Doug O’Donnell said, “This capability is another step forward by the IRS to help taxpayers and improve service. This provides immediate benefits to taxpayers, who have nearly instant confirmation that documents were received by the IRS. This means people can have their issues resolved much faster, including getting refunds to affected taxpayers faster. We will continue to look at improvements like this as we work to transform the IRS following passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last year."


Using the secure IRS document upload tool

Notices eligible for the upload tool will include a link and an access code. Once the link is opened on the browser or choice, the taxpayer fills in brief identifying information and uploads their correspondence or documents to the IRS. A maximum of 40 files can be uploaded as scans, digitized documents, or photographs.


The prototype of the IRS upload tool was created in 2021. The agency has been testing it since then with a limited set of notices. The IRS aims to expand the use of the tool to include other notices as well as fully digital correspondence. IRS customer service representatives will be able to provide links and access codes during a telephone call to better and more quickly serve consumers.


The IRS hopes taxpayers will have a faster, more satisfying experience while boosting tax compliance and decreasing the life cycle of an IRS review file. Sound good? We will see how it rolls out. 


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