The Dangerous Game of Tax Fraud

fraudulent tax returnIf you falsify your tax returns, will you always get caught? No. But, you play a very dangerous game that can result in very major repercussions if your fraud is discovered. Our own Robert J. Fedor was recently interviewed by Super Lawyers on this very topic. 


From the article, Tax Fraud and Other Games of Chance:


When the IRS does come knocking, tax litigator Robert Fedor is the kind of guy to call. “People call me when they’re being audited,” he says. “This is what we see every day. There’s all sorts of fraud out there. I think it’s a win when my clients don’t have to go to jail.”


Fedor has seen a lot over the years, including some serious evaders. “I have clients that have never filed a tax return, and they make a half a million dollars a year,” he says. “They might be 45, 50 years old, so for a number of years they haven’t paid anything. I have clients who underreport their gross income by one or two million dollars a year. And what you find is, typically, if you’re proactive with the IRS—you admit the failures and say that you’re going to remedy it—that gets you a long way. My job is to keep things in the civil arena and to resolve it quietly without anybody knowing about it. I don’t want it to go south, meaning a referral to the criminal side.


Anyone who believes they might one day face allegations that they evaded taxes, failed to pay taxes or engaged in tax fraud can contact tax law attorneys to discuss their circumstances and available legal options. The attorneys at Robert J. Fedor, Esq., L.L.C. represent clients across the nation who face these accusations and other serious charges.


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