Committed a Tax Crime? Five Ways a Criminal Tax Attorney Can Help

criminal tax crimeMaybe it was a payroll tax issue that got away from you. For some, it is foreign bank accounts used but not reported. Or—a large-scale tax fraud and you are just tired of looking over your shoulder for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Are you ready to get help?


It may have been easy to talk yourself into some phony numbers, or a fake deduction or two. Regardless of your circumstance, a call to an experienced criminal tax defense attorney is your next move. While the thought of calling up an attorney and explaining your issues may sound difficult—it is not. And it is far less difficult than learning that you have become the subject of an IRS criminal tax investigation.


Here are five solid reasons why it is important to connect with a tax defense attorney soon if you are or have been, engaged in any kind of tax crime:

  1. If you are already facing IRS allegations, a tax defense attorney is critical to the charges against you—and your future. With any tax crime, the sooner you connect with good legal counsel, the more quickly the situation can be assessed and handled strategically. Worrying about an approaching IRS interview or court date is not going to help; skilled legal help can.
  2. A tax defense attorney can quickly evaluate potential charges against you, the evidence, and your options going forward. Tax law is dense and difficult, so work with an expert to size up your options.
  3. Good legal defense can potentially mitigate existing charges or deter future charges. Your attorney can help you cooperate with the IRS—and still defend your rights.
  4. Tax attorneys with experience in criminal defense can negotiate on your behalf to dismiss or reduce charges.
  5. Charges of tax evasion involving offshore tax holdings can involve significant money. When the IRS alleges intentional tax evasion, good legal counsel may be able to question those allegations and suggest an honest mistake instead.


Too often, business owners and others assume they can talk their way out of charges or hoodwink the IRS. Tax crime can easily lead to a prison sentence. Leave the sleepless nights and the so-called easy money on the table. If you are involved in a tax fraud, reach out to a reputable criminal tax defense attorney as soon as possible.


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