Music Star Writes $3.5 million Check to Settle Back Taxes with IRS

Back TaxesHe has made millions of dollars over a hip hop and business career that spans more than two decades. But Nasir Jones, best known by his stage name Nas, has also had his share of controversy.

One lingering issue for the 43-year-old music giant has been a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over back taxes. Nas reportedly recently wrote the IRS a check for more than $3 million to settle the matter and avoid possible prosecution and prison.

According to one media report, the $3.5 million payment to the IRS was needed "for Uncle Sam to remove him from the 'you’re-going-to-jail' list."

In March of last year, Jones was hit with a $145,000 tax lien, part of a larger problem that apparently totals more than $6 million in unpaid taxes. A hip hop industry publication says it obtained documents showing that Nas made the $3.5 million payment in December.

He reportedly has a pending tax dispute with the state of Georgia. Nas is said to owe more than $425,000 in taxes there from 2007. The figure includes a $60,000 penalty, $57,000 in interest and a collection fee of nearly $71,000.

The media report notes that Nas has a couple of upcoming revenue streams to replenish his coffers, including a newly completed album and a gig at the Super Bowl in Houston.   


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