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Lauryn Hill given second chance to repay total restitution amount

We recently reported in this blog about singer Lauryn Hill's tax woes. The award-winning singing artist currently faces criminal charges related to tax evasion. In a recent hearing before a federal judge, it was revealed that the singer had promised to pay a restitution fine of $554,000. To date, however, the controversial artist has only repaid roughly $50,000.

The federal judge overseeing the matter chastised Hill for failing to make good on her promise to pay the full restitution amount. While Hill did not speak at the hearing, her attorney disputed the total amount of taxes Hill allegedly owes contending the amount is less than $1 million dollars. Federal prosecutors in the case, however, contend the amount is in excess of $1 million dollars. The distinction is important as federal sentencing guidelines are increased for individuals who are convicted of evading taxes for amounts in excess of $1 million.

Hill is next scheduled to appear before the federal judge on May 3. Her attorney relayed that the singer and mother of six is in the process of taking out a loan against two properties she owns to repay the remaining amount of restitution payment, or $504,000, she previously promised the court she would to repay.

Individuals who are facing federal criminal charges related to tax crimes such as tax evasion may be given the opportunity to repay a portion of the total amount owed to avoid prison time. A tax attorney who is experienced in handling matters related to tax crimes such as tax evasion is an invaluable resource and advocate in helping to ensure the best possible outcome in such serious legal matters.

Source: The Associated Press, "Lauryn Hill Tax Evasion Sentencing Delayed," David Porter, April 22, 2013

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