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Two arrested in identify theft and tax fraud scheme

In recent years, much has been written in the U.S. media warning citizens about financial schemes and crimes involving identity theft. Such crimes are often carried out by individuals who obtain the social security numbers and other personal identifying information of unsuspecting and elderly citizens. In some cases, individuals accused of identity theft have been linked to elaborate tax fraud crimes in which fraudulent tax returns are filed.

Two women were recently indicted on charges related to tax fraud and identity theft. The women, ages 32 and 27, are accused of stealing identifying information from hospital patients which they then used to file roughly 60 fraudulent tax returns. In all, the women are accused of requesting funds in excess of $300,000 and receiving more than $174,000 from the IRS via falsified tax returns.

Once the money was issued, the women then deposited funds onto stolen prepaid debit cards. Prosecutors allege teh women planned to split the tax return money. The women, who face serious criminal charges including identify theft, tax fraud and conspiracy are currently awaiting sentencing. 

Such criminal charges are extremely serious in nature and can result in those individuals charged receiving sentences of up to 15 years in prision and hefty restitution fees. In most cases, however, a criminal attorney who handles tax matters can assist in providing for the best possible legal outcome. Reduced sentences and fines as well as possible alternative sentences are options a criminal attorney may pursue. Ohio residents facing criminal charges related to tax fraud or tax evasion would be wise to contact a criminal attorney today. 

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Broward women admit using Boca Raton hospital patients' IDs in tax fraud," Paula McMahon, May 14, 2013