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Youngest Baldwin brother pays off $400,000 tax debt

Many Ohio residents are likely familiar with the famous Baldwin brothers. Recently the youngest of the Baldwin acting clan, Stephen, gained media attention for a very different reason. According to officials from the Internal Revenue Service, Baldwin failed to file and pay his state taxes for the tax years 2008 through 2010. As a result, he faced criminal charges for failing to pay some $400,000 in tax debt.

To avoid being sentenced to prison in March 2013, Baldwin pleaded guilty to one felony count of failing to pay taxes. However, rather than sentencing the actor to spend time behind bars, the judge overseeing the case provided Baldwin the opportunity to repay his tax debt.

The actor recently made a $100,000 payment which, for now, ended his problems with the IRS. The recent $100,000 payment effectively paid off Baldwin's debt and the judge discharged the case against Baldwin on the condition he doesn't get into trouble with the law during the next three years.

While some argue the actor received special treatment, the 47-year-old is just one of many of Americans who, when faced with criminal charges related to tax debt, have been allowed to remain free. In some cases a judge will forego sentencing an individual to jail or prison and instead allow he or she to work towards paying the debt owed along with restitution fees and penalties.

Individuals facing accusations of tax-related criminal activity would be wise to secure a criminal defense attorney. The IRS is relentless in its pursuit of bringing those suspected to have committed tax crimes to justice. An attorney who defends against criminal IRS cases can protect an individual's rights and help ensure for the best outcome.

Source:, "Baldwin pays final $100K in taxes, avoids jail," April 11, 2014

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