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Why you shouldn't ignore that tax mistake

For individuals who have been at the same one job and owned the same home for years, filing a tax return is fairly simple. However, for individuals who own a business, work multiple jobs, freelance or moved to a new state for a job; tax matters can quickly become complicated and confusing. The more complex an individual's income sources and structure, the more complex things typically become come tax time.

STARS dealings still being debated concerning tax consequences

An appeal concerning $400 million in business losses related to transactions engaged in by Wells Fargo & Co. will not be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. Wells Fargo had hoped to have these losses written off on their tax returns thus entitling them to an $82 million refund. However, one appellate court had ruled that these losses were unrelated to any business or economic purpose outside of an attempt to avoid paying taxes.

Additional advice on how to effectively communicate with the IRS

In our last blog post we provided some helpful dos and don'ts taxpayers should keep in mind when dealing with the IRS. In this post, we'll continue to explore this topic and discuss ways taxpayers can minimize the frustration and stress of answering IRS requests or dealing with an IRS audit.

Advice on how to effectively communicate with the IRS

Given the agency's reputation for being the epitome of an inflexible bureaucratic institution, it's no wonder that many Americans dread dealing with the IRS. However, throughout the course of one's life, it's very likely that an individual will at some point be forced to deal more intimately with the IRS.

The IRS takes steps to remind taxpayers of their rights

As a nation, the U.S. prides itself on being a land where its citizens are entitled to certain freedoms. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are both important doctrines which help ensure that governmental entities don't overstep their boundaries with regard to personal freedoms and rights.

Alleged mastermind behind tax evasion scheme faces fines and prison

Most Ohio residents would love to pay less in taxes and somehow profit from a quick get-rich scheme. The problem, however, is that neither can typically be accomplished without engaging in questionable or illegal activities. Allegations of and criminal charges related to tax evasion are serious. An individual who is facing tax evasion charges would therefore be wise to retain a criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended clients facing similar charges.

Man may spend next 20 years in prison for threats made against IRS agent

Ohio residents who have dealt with the Internal Revenue Service, likely experienced some level of frustration. IRS tax matters are often complex and confusing and, due to understaffing and general bureaucracy, dealing with the agency can be time consuming and frustrating. In cases where an individual is contacted and notified he or she is the subject of an IRS audit, one’s level of frustration may rise to a whole new level.