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March 2013 Archives

Benefits of filing for a tax extension

The recent government stand-still in which Ohioans were constantly warned of the dreaded fiscal cliff resulted in changes that impacted some tax laws. As a result, the IRS only recently was able to complete several of the 2012 tax forms. Many of the changes in tax provisions especially impact small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Tips to avoid an IRS audit

Few unexpected events bring as much dread as an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Often vilified, IRS auditors are notorious for finding errors in tax documents and forcing individual taxpayers and business owners to pay additional fines and fees. While there is no sure fire way to avoid being the subject of an IRS audit, there are some steps individuals can take to decrease the likelihood that their tax return will trigger an audit.

Tax advice for small business owners

Small business owners in Ohio help keep the state's economy strong. They also must deal with a variety of business and financial matters from business licenses to payroll. One important and often dreaded responsibility of being a small business owner includes accurately keeping track of finances and filing taxes in a timely manner.

Ohio city takes measures to recoup back taxes from residents

Ohio residents may be delinquent on paying taxes for a number of reasons. Residents of the Ohio city of Pickerington who are accused of being delinquent on paying city taxes, may soon have their state tax refunds garnished.